Unique, Fully Customisable Luxury Motor Yachts from Segue

Often we’re asked why Segue Yachts are considered Unique Motor Yachts by those that own them.

Like many other luxury craft, it has a hull, it floats, it has engines, beds, a galley and so on. However, what makes Segue Yachts Unique is the fact that they can be fully customised to your specification. From the 47’ to the 82’, we’ll make it yours alone.

When we say ‘fully customised’, that’s exactly what we mean.  The only thing that we can’t change is the hull … and even that can be any colour you wish!

The Savile Row of Luxury Motor Boats

The analogy we use is that of visiting Savile Row in London’s Mayfair and having a suit specifically tailored to fit you perfectly.  Everything is exactly as you want it, you feel fabulous and look superb.

At Segue Yachts, we can do the same for you with your new luxury yacht, it’s the Savile Row of luxury boat building.  Using only the highest quality materials available, your boat can be built around you, to suit your needs, your preferences and your tastes.

If you’re tall, for example, we can design your stateroom to suit, a longer bed, more headroom and so on.  What type of galley, where in your boat, what colour, what fixtures and fittings? There isn’t anything we can’t tailor for you.

When you order your Segue Yacht, you can meet with the design team to help them understand exactly what you want. The designers will listen, make suggestions and plan all the key elements of your boat’s layout, so that everything is where and how, you want it be.

It’s an exciting process.  Apart from superyacht manufacturers, none of Segue’s peers offer a fully customised luxury yacht.

At Segue Yachts, we believe that you should have choices, so you can begin customising, tailoring and helping to create your Unique vision. Your Segue Luxury Yacht will be designed around you.

Fully Customised or Standard Specification, the Choice is Yours

Each individual hull is built by hand by craftspeople with decades of experience and skill, they’re not just resin poured moulds.  From there onwards, your yacht can be like no other.  Our joiners and yacht designers love to create and build, it’s their art form.  Of course, if you wish, you can choose our standard specifications and simply select colour schemes … or you can really ‘go to town’ and have your Segue Yacht built specifically for you, from the hull upwards.

There are too many options to begin to list them here, suffice to say that, if you buy a bespoke built Segue Yacht you won’t see another the same as yours. There’s a great deal of open water out there and wherever you are on the world’s oceans you can be sure that your yacht … your hand crafted, Segue luxury motor yacht is going to be different and Unique, and you have been involved in its design and specification.

Why choose an ‘off the shelf’ boat the same as your neighbours when yours can be completely Unique.

Find out more about how you can have your own Unique luxury yacht, get in touch now.

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