Segue Yachts History

An independent, family owned business, the history of Segue Yachts brings a story of South American passion, enthusiasm, hard work and skill.  Since 1974, the Segue family have been designing and hand crafting luxury yachts using only the finest of materials and equipment.  The perfect marriage of craftsmanship and technology.

For nearly 50 years, state of the art joinery, beautiful design, and the most reliable of components have come together, built and hand finished by experienced crafts people using exclusive materials to ensure consistent and lasting quality that are worthy of your praise.

For five decades, Segue Yachts have only been regularly shipped as far as their neighbours in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and North America, and very few have made it as far as the UK and Europe, a handful at best.  However, as the new generation of family members have taken over, the company has increased in size, the number of boat yards and factory buildings has doubled and Segue Yachts are producing enough yachts to share with us!

History is always changing, but the design and materials, passion and skill remain as they have always been – the finest quality available.  So, now we can begin to write the history of Segue Yachts Europe – introducing each of the Segue range to the discerning boating fraternity of the UK, Europe and perhaps further afield.

The history of Segue Yachts will now have a new chapter, if you’d like to find out more, please do contact us here.