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Luxury Motor Yachts by Segue Yachts

Luxury motor yachts are seen all over the world, full of smiling people. Whether you want to cruise the worlds high seas with nothing but the horizon in view, enjoying the solitude or if you want to sit in the marina and watch the world go by from the deck of your luxury yacht … a luxury motor yacht from SegueYachts is exactly what you need to make your life complete.

Expect exceptional

Performance, luxury and tradition… The Segue range available, contact us now.

Expect exceptional

Performance, luxury and tradition… The Segue range, available now.

Your Unique, Customisable Segue Experience

Your Segue Luxury Motor Yacht is crafted for one purpose … to enhance the quality and enjoyment of your life. You can even have it customised to your personal tastes and needs.

The perfect blend of design, state of the art joinery and technology, built and hand finished by passionate, experienced craftspeople.

The balance of design, luxury, capability and attention to detail gives you ownership of an impressive, unique and exciting boating experience for you, your family and friends.

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The Most Elegant of Designs

Beautifully elegant design, harmonised with functionality is the result of our long and successful partnership with Corgo Yacht Design.

Artistic ability, combined with technical knowhow means that 3D modelling and Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) are used to model our yachts in a virtual environment.

Before the first cut is made we already know how it will look and perform at full throttle on the open sea, in the bay as you dive and play, and in the marina as you relax and entertain.  So, elegant, you may just want to sit on the shore and look at it.


Segue, as Exclusive as You Are

Segue Yachts are for those who cultivate their own unique vision, rejecting conformity and making your boat your own.

Because your Segue Luxury Motor Yacht is hand crafted by artisanal crafts people, it can be personalised like no other, whatever size you choose.

It will make a perfect statement and, importantly, be exactly what you want it to be … exclusive.


Segue Yachts are Steeped in History

Segue Yachts are a secret that has largely been kept from the UK and European luxury boating market since 1974 … until now.

An independent, family owned business, Segue Yachts have a history of designing and hand crafting luxury yachts using only the finest of materials and equipment. The perfect marriage of craftsmanship and technology.

For nearly 50 years, state of the art joinery, beautiful design, and the most reliable of components have come together, built and hand finished by experienced crafts people using exclusive materials to ensure consistent and lasting quality that are worthy of your praise.


A New Horizon in Luxury

A new era dawns in the world of luxury motor yachts as Segue unveils its highly anticipated 2024 range, setting sail with an unparalleled blend of innovation, elegance, and breathtaking design. For those who seek the epitome of nautical opulence, the 2024 Segue Motor Yacht lineup is poised to redefine luxury on the high seas.

The full unveiling of this extraordinary range is imminent, ushering in an era of unbridled luxury and adventure. These yachts are available for customisation to your heart’s content and will be ready for orders, construction, and delivery in 2024. This is your invitation to a world of opulence on the water, where your dreams become reality.


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