Elegant Motor Yachts

When thinking about the design of elegant motor yachts, other wholly appropriate terms come to mind, such as sophisticated, stylish and graceful.

With a mission to design, build and deliver motor yachts that embody all of these descriptions, it’s no accident that Segue luxury motor yachts are revered by those that know them.

However, there is little point in having a beautiful and elegant yacht unless it performs as well as it looks.  It isn’t just about power, it’s stability, capability and everything you would choose in a first class yacht.

SF Render

Delivering elegant motor yachts that perform is an accomplishment achieved through passion, fantastic design, experience and craftsmanship.  The design of course, is absolutely critical.  Knowing how a luxury yacht will function under every condition is something that is decided at the design stage.  Segue’s partnership with premier yacht specialists, Corgo Yacht Design, means that naval engineering, architecture, industrial design, navigation, interior architecture and ability are combined to result in a bonding of form and function.

SF Render

Before the first production tool is lifted, the design will have undergone myriad processes to ensure each yacht is perfect and more than fit for purpose.

The conceptual design comes first, with specialists producing what has been discussed and agreed in previous months.  When all are happy it’s going in the right direction, project development can begin, with naval architecture and engineering ensuring that these elegant yachts can be safe and pleasurable on any of the world’s oceans.  Working hand in hand with the exterior and interior specialists 2D CAD is employed to determine the planimetry throughout, with 3D renderings being the last part of the equation.

The design team will then work with the production engineers to bring these wonderful images to life in Segue’s workshops.  It is the sum of all these elements that ensures that the Segue luxury yacht that you sail into the sunset is the epitome of elegant design, elegant function and elegant capability.

The question is, why would anybody settle for anything less?

To find out more about your new elegant luxury motor yacht, speak to us now.