Exclusive Motor Yachts

Exclusivity, it isn’t just the preserve of the mega rich and famous.  Exclusivity is attainable for the discerning, for those that understand that standards are kept high for a reason and that to be exclusive means to not follow the crowd.

You won’t find a Segue luxury yacht following any crowd.

These yachts are not ‘cookie cutter’ designs, churned out on a production line like most cars.  They’re hand crafted, honed and finished to exacting specifications.  You can be fully involved in the way your yacht is finished … providing it doesn’t  conflict with its function.  You can work with the Segue Team to ensure that the vessel that is delivered is to your preference, with key elements bespoke, tailored to your needs and tastes.

Segue don’t, and never have, produced run of the mill, all alike luxury motor yachts.  As craftsmen, and craftswomen build these yachts by hand, using many traditional methods and, when warranted, traditional tool, cutting no corners and taking time, being patient and putting in the effort to perfect your vessel, you won’t be surprised that Segue produce less than fifty luxury yachts each year.  It isn’t possible to simply show up and buy one as you can elsewhere.  This is a process of refinement that is worth waiting for.

SF CGI scaled

If you are looking for exclusivity in your luxury motor yacht, you’ve come to the right place.

The difficult choice you have now is to determine which length of yacht you want, is a Sports Yacht for you or would the Flybridge be a better choice?  That’s step one, there’s a way to go yet before you can work on the colours, the equipment specifications, layout, finishes and so on … but then this is an exclusive Segue Yacht we’re talking about here.

When you want an exclusive, luxury motor yacht, you won’t find better than Segue … a family passion since 1974.

To find out more about your new exclusive luxury yacht, just contact us now.