Introducing the 2024 Segue Motor Yacht Range: A New Horizon in Luxury

A new era dawns in the world of luxury motor yachts as Segue unveils its highly anticipated 2024 range, setting sail with an unparalleled blend of innovation, elegance, and breathtaking design. For those who seek the epitome of nautical opulence, the 2024 Segue Motor Yacht lineup is poised to redefine luxury on the high seas.

X-Class Range: A New Design Language

At the forefront of the Segue story lies the X-Class range. These Flybridge Yachts introduce a fresh design language, showcasing a harmonious fusion of form and function. Expect unrivalled innovations, reimagined spaces, and cutting-edge technology that promise a new dimension in yachting pleasure. The X-Class range symbolises the pinnacle of design and engineering excellence.

XS-Class Range: Sporty Elegance Redefined

The XS-Class range is the embodiment of sporty elegance within the world of Coupes and Express Yachts. These vessels offer a stunning and dynamic take on luxury, marrying swift performance with sophisticated style. With unrivalled attention to detail and exhilarating on-water experiences, the XS-Class range promises to be a game-changer for those who relish the thrill of the sea.

M-Class Range: Redefining Luxury

In the 70ft-plus Motor Yacht sector, the all-new M-Class range emerges as the undisputed champion of redefined luxury and elegance. These magnificent yachts are a testament to Segue’s dedication to crafting the extraordinary. Step aboard, and you’ll find a world of refinement, sophistication, and uncompromising comfort. The M-Class range is set to be the hallmark of opulence on the water.

Exclusivity, customised to you

What sets Segue apart is not only its commitment to customisation but also its dedication to curating the finest in luxury. Choose from a range of high-end fittings, fixtures and accessories from renowned brands such as Louis Vuitton, Molton Brown, Gucci, Jo Malone and Dior to enhance your yachting experience. Your Segue Motor Yacht is more than a vessel; it’s a world of exquisite taste and exclusivity.

The full unveiling of this extraordinary range is imminent, ushering in an era of unbridled luxury and adventure. These yachts are available for customisation to your heart’s content and will be ready for orders, construction, and delivery in 2024. This is your invitation to a world of opulence on the water, where your dreams become reality.

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