Segue Yachts Toy Store

The voyage doesn’t end with our esteemed collection of Segue Luxury Motor Yachts. Step into our ‘toy store’ to find an exclusive range of aquatic treasures. Navigate with ease using our Scarab Jet Boats, perfect for those yacht-to-shore excursions. For water sports enthusiasts, our Centurion Wakeboard Boats promise unmatched wakeboarding and wakesurfing experiences. The premium Kawasaki Jet Skis offer unparalleled performance, while the Radinn Jet Boards blend modern innovation with portability, making them an excellent choice for yacht tenders. Welcome to a world of marine distinction.

Scarab Jet Boats

Introducing our Scarab Jet Boats, the epitome of power and precision on water. At the heart of these boats lies Rotax, the industry leader in jet propulsion technology. With this prowess, expect a seamless, reliable, and pinpointed journey every time. The jet-powered design ensures impeccable handling, effortless docking, and paramount safety—there’s no propeller to worry about during your swim. Their shallow draft makes them the ideal companion for seamless voyages from your motor yacht to the beach. With a diverse range spanning from 16ft to 28ft, the Scarab Jet Boat Collection ensures a chase boat perfectly tailored to your desires. 

Scarab 165

L.O.A: 16ft | Capacity: 5 Seat | Max HP: 230HP

Scarab 195

L.O.A: 19ft | Capacity: 8 Seat | Max HP: 230HP

Scarab 215

L.O.A: 21ft | Capacity: 10 Seat | Max HP: 460HP

Scarab 235

L.O.A: 23ft | Capacity: 12 Seat | Max HP: 460HP

Scarab 255

L.O.A: 25ft | Capacity: 13 Seat | Max HP: 460HP

Scarab 285

L.O.A: 28ft | Capacity: Yacht | Max HP: 460HP

Centurion Wakeboard Boats

Discover the unmatched prowess of Centurion Wake Boats, the gold standard in wakeboard and wakesurf boating. Universally acclaimed as the finest in the realm of wakesports, their esteemed reputation has crowned them the boat of choice for the Wakeboard World Championships. But the accolades don’t stop at performance; these boats champion sustainability too. Operating at 50% more fuel efficiency than their counterparts, they set a new benchmark for responsible luxury. Their ability to create the ultimate wake, with up to 5850lbs of ballast, ensures an unparalleled water sport experience. With the Centurion range spanning from 21ft to 26ft, there’s a majestic vessel awaiting every wake enthusiast. 

Centurion Fi23

L.O.A: 23ft | Capacity: 14 Seat | Max HP: 465HP

Centurion Fi25

L.O.A: 25ft | Capacity: 16 Seat | Max HP: 465HP

Centurion Ri230

L.O.A: 23ft | Capacity: 14 Seat | Max HP: 465HP

Centurion Ri245

L.O.A: 24.5ft | Capacity: 16 Seat | Max HP: 465HP

Centurion Ri265

L.O.A: 26.6ft | Capacity: Yacht | Max HP: 500HP

Kawasaki Jet Skis

Elevate your aquatic adventures with Kawasaki Jet Skis, the paragons of jet ski innovation and performance. Globally recognised for their supreme prowess, each Kawasaki Jet Ski encapsulates legendary performance, unmatched handling, and avant-garde technology, setting them distinctly apart in a league of their own. Beyond their impressive capabilities, they boast remarkable durability, longevity, and ease of maintenance, making them the quintessential tender for discerning motor yacht owners. Whether you opt for the robust 160HP or the supercharged exhilaration of the 310HP, every ride promises luxury at its best, complete with advanced headlights, immersive sound systems, and lavish upholstery. 

Kawasaki Jet Ski SX-R

Stand-Up Jet Ski

Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 160

160HP, 2 Seat Jet Ski

Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 160X

160HP, 2 Seat Jet Ski

Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 160LX

160HP, 2 Seat Jet Ski

Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 160LX-S

160HP, 3 Seat Jet Ski

Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 160LX

160HP, 3 Seat Jet Ski

Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX-S

160HP, 3 Seat Jet Ski

Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX

160HP, 3 Seat Jet Ski

Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310X

160HP, 3 Seat Jet Ski

Radinn Electric Jetboards

Experience the thrill of the ocean like never before with Radinn Jetboards. Merging sleek design with unmatched functionality, these electric motorised surfboards are the ideal tender companion for Motor Yachts of any magnitude. Delivering exhilarating speeds up to 56 km/h, they promise not just thrills, but also practicality in every ride. With a commendable 45-minute range per charge and swift battery swap capabilities, adventure is never halted. Storing these masterpieces is a breeze, as they fold seamlessly into their bespoke carry case. Radinn’s pioneering technology stands unparalleled, boasting app-integrated controls, a wireless throttle, and a trio of distinct riding styles tailored for every enthusiast.

Radinn X-Sport Jet Board

Durable, Sporty & Versatile

Radinn Freeride Jet Board

Perfect all-round board for all water conditions

Radinn Carve Jet Board

Performance and carve, for advanced riders

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As you embark on a journey of marine luxury and innovation, remember that our curated ‘toy store’ is your gateway to unparalleled aquatic experiences. Each piece, meticulously selected, embodies our dedication to offer only the best. Ready to elevate your maritime adventures?

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